Phone Counselling

In specific cases I provide phone counselling. These sessions however do not replace regular psychotherapy. Nevertheless, in certains situations a phone call can be a provisional way of continuing therapy, or even starting therapy.

The specific cases inwhich I offer phone counselling are the following:

-  The inability to move freely due to illness, disability or an operation...

-  When travelling temporarily to another region of France or a foreign country.

-  If an indivual has a severe social phobia.

In order to ensure good conditions, the patient must be alone in his or her residency or be in another room separate from his relatives. This is essential because the phone call must be viewed as a counselling session and thus it's content remain's confidential.

The phone sessions are 30 minutes long and costs 30 euros. The call will be at the expense of the patient. The payment is done via transfer.