Innate disability

When someone is born with a disability, there is an fundamental difference between themselves and others.

This difference may cause mental suffering i.e. : They can feel isolated, misunderstood, inadequate, angry, frustrated, or anguished by how others perceive their disability...
These elements can be detrimental to their daily life and personal growth.

Inorder to help those who have issues relating to their disability I offer psychotherapies which aim to deconstruct a highly critical view of themselves and rebuild a more appeased view of themselves and their disability.

Acquired disability

A disability can happens abruplty in one's life, such as after a accident or gradually in the case of a serious illness. These terrible events force the individual to change his or her life.   Thus obliging them to consider questions concerning their transformed lives. Some people may feel lost, angery or desperate at their disability and the sudden limitations it put's on them.

As part of my work, I assiste these people who are grieving the lose of their abilities, and help them  to mentally restructure their lives.

Children and adolescents with disabilities

Childhood and adolescence are key periods for the developpement of a sense of self, coupled with  self-confidence and social and mental abilities. A disability accuring during those periods can be very complicated  for a child or a teenager to cope with. They may experience feelings of deep unfairness thus damaging their sense of self. They may feel inadequate while interacting with their abled family, friends, schoolmates, siblings...
Children with innate disabilities may also experience these feelings.

I also provide therapies for children and adolescence with disabilities. These can help them grow emotionally, mentally and socially inspite of their issues. The therapeutical  methode used for those older than 15 is the same as for adults: talk therapy. But for younger children, I provide sessions focused on play and drawing. These mediums allows them to express themselves and show their problems through play.

Relatives of disabled people

For the family and relatives, the anoucement of a disability among their close circle can be a the catalyst for anguish and suffering. These issues accure because the relatives are aiming to help the disabled individual. As a result communicating with the handicapped person could be difficult, because the relatives don't wish to talk about their personal anguish, disappointmentsand frustrations, fearing they may hurt the disabled person's feelings, they are caring for. They might also be afraid that their suffering will seems trivial to the disabled.

For those who are overwhelmed by the changes a disability can cause,  I offer psychotherapies based upon a discussion of the issues. The therapy will provide the means of expression, allowing  what cannot be said, to be articulated sensitively inorder to improve their daly lives.