Cases of Psychological hardships


The death of a relative is always a painful experience. At times the pain can feel insurmountable, the sadness and emptiness remain for months, even years. Some people reject the reflections needed to process the passing of a loved one, by doing so they risk experiencing a deeper pain, if they lose someone else.

I offer psychotherapy to grieving people in order for them to process and accept the passing of a loved one at an emotional level, while at the same keeping in their hearts and minds the lost relative.

Depressive Episodes

A depressive episode can occur at any point in one's life,even after a personal or professional success. Each individual will experience such a period very differently. Some may lose their desire for activities they once enjoyed. Others may feel a continuing sadness or overwork trying to escape their depression.

For people undergoing a depressive episode I provide analytical psychotherapy. So that they may understand what triggered the episode, and then work on themselves to overcome it.


Anguish is a pervasive and detrimental feeling. It can occur in a specific situation or without any apparent cause. For some people their anguish will result in an anxiety attack ( the intensity and symptoms will vary in each case). For others, their anguish will cause them to avoid certain situations or circumstances which may force them to withdraw from others.

To help people struggling with anguish I offer counselling or analytical psychotherapy. These therapies aim to understand the reasons behind the anguish and aid the sufferers to alleviate this detrimental feeling.


Feeling of Falseness

Mental suffering isn't always perceived in our personal and or professional lives. Some people can pretend to be fine while being in pain. Metaphorically speaking, these people put on a mask in order to adapt and protect themselves from others. However, this mask can cause suffering, if the individual can't break away from the social image he has constructed. The individual may feel alienated from his or her family thereby being in opposition with his or hers deeper feelings.

I provide counselling to help them separate themselves from their social mask by assisting them to reconnect to their own personal desires which leads them to be more genuine with others.

Interpersonal Issues

Human interactions are both personal and social. They can be an important part of an individual's fulfillment. However these relationships can sometimes be overwhelming and complicated. In such cases a person can have issues communicating his or her emotions to others or feeling that others are too demanding.

Comprehensive therapy can help these people express their emotions to their relatives, and better position themselves to handle the expectations of others.

Social Inhibition/ Low Self-confidence

Social situations can cause a great deal of anxiety, most notably for people with social inhibitions or with low self-esteem These situations cause them to doubt and make them afraid of being misjudged or being perceived as too 'ill-adapted' to partake in social activites. The fear of being negatively perceived may initiate a withdrawal into oneself and an avoidance of social interaction.
This may lead to intense suffering due to the fact that they would like to get involved with others but are to anguished to try.

The therapy focuses on the emotional understanding of the patients issues as well as the deconstruction of their negative beliefs.

Emotional Outburst

After painful or unpleasant experiences, some people will react strongly on an emotional level, with a fit of anger, rage or by a profound sadness and tears. The individual may feel overwhelmed by his or her emotions, culminating in an awareness their emotions are beyond their control. The result is an outburst, an expression of pain.

I offer psychotherapy in order to help these people take a step back and ease their painful moments. I help them recognize and handle these impactful feelings. To this end we work on the patients experiences and self-introspection.


Been traumatised can happen after a brutal and unexpected event ( accident, aggression, etc) or by a accumulation of painful moments repeated over time ( verbal abuse, belittling, coldness of a relative,etc). Regardless of circumstances most traumatic events have a common featureĀ ; they leave a 'scar' impressed into the mind. This 'scar' can result in repeated nightmares, painful memories, that force themselves upon the mind generating excessive anguish when the person is confronted with similar circumstances.

It the case of trauma at first I provide counselling so that people can rebuild themselves psychologically, helping them to defend themselves against other traumatic events. After counselling I can offer analytical psychotherapy to help individuals deconstruct the trauma and ease the emotional impact of the 'scar'.